www.jetnet.aa.com- benefits and responsibilities

There are many airline companies operating in the US and one that can be considered as the most popular because of its high-quality services is American Airlines. The company serves millions of Americans and foreigners every year, leading to the winning of several awards. www.jetnet.aa.com is a login page that opens doors of benefits to those who have access. Before you are allowed to use jetnet.aa.com as a retired or active employee, it is necessary to have a password and a user ID. Having these two important things will give you access to important information, such as AA Flight Service, the employee services for HR needs and 401K Super Saver & Broad Based Stock Plan and many others.

If you don’t have an account on this website, you must follow few steps to make your work easier: first, you have to press the button called Login Help; after, you must introduce your employee or contractor number and click Submit; the next step is to create your user ID, to introduce a password and to click on Continue; and then you only have to click on Finish. Having done the needful, you will be able to view the user agreement for accessing the www.jetnet.aa.com employee site. You may log in to your account and look at all the employee benefits you are entitled too. Employees can manage all the offered privileges through the website.

A big plus of using www.jetnet.aa.com is the ability to place your name on an airport standby list for a flight, but also, the users have to pay attention to their accounts.

NapsGear’s services

First of all, we need to create a definition for NapsGear.net to understand what they do every single day. So, this is not very difficult. NapsGear.net is a web-base pharmacy. If you wonder for the reason why they are so well-known, you must know that this pharmacy specializes in anabolic steroids and similar related health products. NapsGear is able to supply many of the top brands of prescription medications.

All products are sent via regular airmail within a 3 or 4 days period. Other shipping methods are offered like courier express and EMS, but they are temporarily unavailable.  The products have a high chance of being seized by the local customs, but the web-base pharmacy offer to reship products to the certain countries if this happens. The worse part of this return is that the costumers have to wait four weeks before being able to receive a replacement item.

The site offers some series of informative articles and videos to help the potential bodybuilder know about the various drugs on offer and about the best bodybuilding techniques, so if you want to find out more about a life of a bodybuilder, you should check this site.

Also, the users should know that there is a warning on the home page which inform them that this isn’t a reputable site and there are ongoing complaints to have the site shut down. Many users say that the services offered by NapsGear  became extremely critical , even if at the beginning they were highly positive.

Zbigz: The Uploading-Downloading Portal

Zbigz is a multipurpose online portal that provides you caching and downloading facilities. You can upload your private files to the Zbigz cloud storage and access them later from any place. Zbigz keeps all your photos, music, videos and data safely and securely and free from any undesirable attacks. You can also download bit torrent files using Zbigz. Zbigz behaves like a proxy server and allows you to download files that are otherwise restricted by your ISP. Zbigz uses https protocol to connect with its users and hence, is a safe way of browsing and downloading files. Being a proxy server, all downloads are actually carried out by the Zbigz server and your actual IP address remains hidden during the downloading process. There is no limit to the amount of data you can upload or download in case you sign up for a premium account with Zbigz. The Zbigz website also offers exceptional downloading and caching speeds to its Premium account holders. The facilities provided to registered and unregistered users are also remarkable. You do not need to install or configure any software on your PC or mac to use Zbigz. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. To download a file, you need to just paste the torrent link and click Go. To upload a file, you need to just click on upload and choose the file you want to upload on your Zbigz personal cloud and finally, click Go.

Glowgaze & Its Utility

Glowgaze is one of the best online streaming websites available on the internet. It is a multipurpose website that has a huge database of movies as well as TV shows. You can find movies of various genres neatly categorized on its portal and click to download or watch them online. It displays Glowgaze top rated movies and Glowgaze best movies of the week to inform netizens about the current trending movies of the world. You can find links to latest movies that are probably still running in theatres and watch them in HD 720p format with good video and audio quality. Apart from movies, Glowgaze also provides links for download and online watching of many popular TV shows like Arrow, Suits, Breaking Bad and many others. Glowgaze enables downloading at full speed and unlimited bandwidth ensuring best user experience. Glowgaze also has a diverse music collection for people in search of latest music albums and songs. You can listen to songs online or even download them for playing later without an internet connection. Glowgaze also allows people to download the best games, books and software. The website provides unlimited access to all media files without any unnecessary advertisements. The Glowgaze website provides all these facilities with a good user interface that is relatively easy to understand and use. People can easily use this website for all their online streaming and downloading purposes.

“Windows Cannot Be Installed On this disk “- How to solve with diskpart

The Error Message Windows Cannot Be Installed On this disk” pops up while installing windows because of incompatible firmware and hard disk partitioning schemes. In case of Installing windows on a UEFI-based computer system with an MBR based hard disk one needs to convert the MBR partitioned disk to a GPT disk. Before beginning the process, always remember to back up your data, as chances of corruptions are very high and in some cases data recovery might not even be possible. To solve basic disk related issues, Windows provides a smart tool known as Diskpart. You can access this tool using windows recovery disk, or directly at the installation time by pressing “shift”+”f10”. This will open the command prompt window. Launch diskpart by typing diskpart at the command prompt. Type list on the diskpart prompt and make note of the disk number you intend to convert. Next step is typing select disk followed by the disk number. Then type clean. The clean command deletes all existing partitions on the disk. The last step is typing convert GPT. This converts the partitioning scheme to GPT. Once you complete the above steps, you can see that the error message “Windows cannot be installed on this disk” is no longer displayed and you can proceed with the installation.

Myanfcorp: Changing Availability

The most frequently asked question regarding Myanfcorp is about the steps to change employee availability. The first step is obviously logging into Myanfcorp with the correct User ID and Password. After successfully logging in, the employee needs to locate a subhead titled time and attendance under which the option of availability occurs. In the availability section on Myanfcorp, one can easily see the current week’s availability. It may be noted that it is not possible to change the current week’s availability because the schedule for the current week has already been prepared. If the schedule for next week has been prepared then you cannot change the availability for the next week also. Thus, it is important to update availability two weeks in advance to avoid any confusion. Myanfcorp allows employees to see availability changes that were previously submitted and approved for the current week. Myanfcorp portal under the availability section provides a calendar icon right next to the “availability for week ending” text to select the week for which an employee needs to update his availability. Once selected, employee can go about changing default or previously set availability. Employees can add days and change availability type to permanent or temporary. Next to availability type column on Myanfcorp is the ACR type column. ACR type can be any, specify or none. Any refers to any time; specify refers to specific time and none implies cannot work this day. The employee needs to provide the start time & end time in military time. Once saved, the availability change is sent to the manager for approval

321Youtube: Converting videos to mp3

321youtube allows users to extract audio from YouTube videos and save them in mp3 format. At times, users may want to save only the audio content of a particular video. It may be because of space crunch on their devices or a variety of other reasons. The user may want to save the mp3 file to his mp3 player and later on play it like an ordinary music file. 321youtube is an extremely useful tool in such cases. It creates high quality audio files in mp3 format from YouTube videos and enables users to listen to the downloaded mp3 file without any internet connection. To convert a YouTube video to mp3 format, one can simply paste the URL of the desired YouTube video on 321youtube website and click the search button. Once the tool locates the file you intend to convert, the same video is also displayed on the 321youtube website. To convert and download the corresponding mp3 file, one can simply click the download button. The file will consequently be saved on the user’s device. Users can also directly search for YouTube videos on 321youtube’s search engine by typing the related keywords. They can select the desired video and repeat the same steps to get the converted mp3 file

Biography of Ruhi Raman

Have you ever heard the name of Ruhaanika Dhawan? Most probably yes, because she is a very famous child actress in India and got so many popularity for her real talent. Currently she is acting as Ruhi Raman Kumar Bharma in the popular Indian soap opera Ye Hai Mohabbatein. In this cast she is the daughter of Raman Kumar Bharma. Her mother is Shagun who left her father Raman Kumar Bharma and now she is living with her Dad. Let’s try to know the biography of the little actress.

Ruhaanika Dhawan was born on 27th September, 2007. Her nick name is Ruu and Rockstar. Her father’s name is Mr. Dhawan and her mother’s name is Mrs. Dolly Dhawan.She has already worked with Salman Khan in the movie jai Ho. He has a nice relation with Sunny Deol in her real life. Sometimes, Sunny Deol uses to give her tips about acting.


She likes to go to school daily. Her teacher and classmates also watch her acted tv serial Ye Hai Mohabbatein and encourage her. She uses 5 to 9 PM for her acting for Ye Hai Mohabbatein. Her hobby is swimming. She lives with her dad and mom. Her nani also lives with her family.

This little artist has gained many rewards for her amazing acting style. She got Star Parivaar Awards, Boro plus gold awards for being most popular child artist  (female), Indian Telly Awards and many other awards  in 2014. She has also acted in Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein serial as the role of Aashi in 2012.